Career Coaching with Eric Horwitz CC '90

Columbia Pride is excited to invite you to a special inspirational experience with executive career coach Eric Horwitz CC ’90. While based in NYC, Eric coaches leaders and executives across the globe. 

Eric Horwitz' headshot

As we attempt to navigate these unprecedented times, there are many tools, sources of wisdom and experiences we can draw upon for help and guidance. During this seminar, Eric will show us how we can learn -- in real time -- to apply these tools and lessons to our lives. Eric will share the importance of framing difficult life experiences in a way that leads to personal and professional growth and development in the face of adversity. Through practical and applicable tips, we will:

  • Increase  your creativity
  • Prioritize learning and growing through change
  • Invest in our personal and professional goals and ambitions
  • All while maintaining our personal balance and wellbeing
  • How to access resilience and hope
  • Connecting and sustaining our community for emotional and mental support


September 17, 2020 at 7:00pm - 8:30pm